Zoom chanting practice scheduled for October,2021

<Main Theme: Peace of Mind

A mind that is dominated by fear and anger, that is wrapped up in what is strongest, and that is constantly concerned with status, honor, and public opinion. The mind that looks for excuses and thinks that it is no good anyway. The mind that is drowning in the world’s opinion of you and is overly proud of it. The mind that depends on the right answer provided by someone else and does not try to find it on its own.

Walls of the mind

That’s what’s holding us back. They need to be broken down.

(Time) October 2021 / Saturday 2, Wednesday 6, Monday 11, Wednesday 20, Saturday 30, from 8:00 p.m. Japan time for about one hour

(Contents) 1) Prayers for peace and tranquility 2) Chanting 3) Small talk

(Participation Fee) None.  but we would be grateful if you could voluntarily make a donation to support this chanting or our overall activities. Please send your donations to: https://yousyouzi.net/?p=565&preview=true

If you would like to participate (even if you participated last month), please send an email to the following email address (your name and intention to participate). daiho_cs@yahoo.co.jp

In principle, participants will turn off and mute their cameras.  Since only I (Daiho) will be shown on the screen, each participant will practice the chanting as if they were one on one with me.

If there are any changes or cancellations, they will be posted on the front page of the Yochoji website as soon as possible, so please check there.