Lecture by Zoom at the Hawaii University

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Professor Joy of the Hawaii University to give a lecture October 17.

Big Theme : Inner Peace

My Theme : Liberation from Fear & Anxiety

Practice & Learning
This is a lecture in the style of a fusion of practice and learning. Emphasis is placed on practice and realization, not just a conceptual lecture.
First, a few minutes of prayer for “health of body and mind, safety of nations, and world peace” => lecture on the theme => practice of chanting (first of all, participants experience the content of the lecture) => Q&A

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Rev. Tsamasa Yamamura, the chief priest of Honolulu Myohoji Temple and opera singer, Dean, the interpreter, and everyone else for their great efforts in making this event possible. I would like to express my deepest gratitude.           Sincerely yours.

斉藤 大法、、「COLLEGE SOCIAL SCIENCES MATSUNAGA NSTTUTE LACE hentyrHnn Inner Peace/Meditation Practice & Learning Series October 16th 3:00-4:00PM ADDRESS FEAR AND GRI Rev. Dr. Daiho Saito, MD」というテキストの画像のようです