Zoom chanting practice scheduled for January 2022

The chanting of our temple is a fusion of the ultimate wisdom of the Buddha and modern science to heal the mind under the stress and suffering of modern life, to bring peace of mind, and to realize a fulfilling life.

Topics: Chanting Practice A. Healing / B. Peace of Mind (From this month, the Chanting Practice will be divided into A. Healing / B. Peace of Mind)

(Time) January 2022, 08:00 PM-.

A. Healing section is more for those who seek deep healing now. You can also just listen to it. ⇒ January / 8(Sat), 15(Sat), 24(Mon), 29(Sat)

B. Peace of Mind is for those who want to go one step further from the healing stage and actively chant. ⇒ January / 10(Mon), 12(Wed), 19(Wed), 26(Wed), 31(Mon)

You can choose to participate depending on your own situation. Of course, it is possible to participate in both. (In principle, camera off, mute)

In both cases, chanting will be performed with small Dharma talks and commentaries (prayers may be included).

(Participation fee) None in particular. (Prayers may be included.) (Fee) None, but we would greatly appreciate it if you could voluntarily make a donation to support this chanting or our overall activities. Please send your donations to: https://yousyouzi.net/?p=565&preview=true

If you would like to participate (even if you participated last month), please send an email to the following email address (your name and intention to participate). daiho_cs@yahoo.co.jp

In principle, participants will turn off and mute their cameras. (Since only I (Daiho) will be shown on the screen, each participant will practice the chanting as if they were one on one with me.)

If there are any changes or cancellations, they will be posted on the front page of the Yochoji website as soon as possible, so please check there.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us. ⇒daiho_cs@yahoo.co.jp