24hours Odaimoku to heal the world May 16th Report

The Shodai-Center (Yoshoji-temple) is in charge of

Monday, May 16, 2022   10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.(Japan Time) 

<About 24Hrs Odaimoku offering to heal the world> This project was initiated by the Rev. Ervinna Myoufu of Nichiren Shu’s Lotus Temple in Jakarta, Indonesia, soon after the pandemic of the new coronavirus broke out, and she called on Nichiren Shu temples around the world to pray together for the healing of the world. The event has been held since the beginning of the year. Our temple has participated from the beginning. 

<Topics> 1)ー3)

1) The Dialogue by Rev.Daiho Saito & Rev.Koshi Kojima “What is Prayer? Part 2”・Why do we pray?・Effectiveness and Limitations of Prayer ・Buddha’s Way Beyond the Limits of Prayer  ・Why we should Chant Odaimoku now? ・・・10:00-11:00  

2)The Chanting together  11:00-12:00

3) The Prayer by Shodai-Hokke Sammadhi 12:00-13:00

☆ The Great Buddha’s Compassionate Prayer (This is the last part of the video uploaded above. True prayer is that which appears when we transcend our human ego-consciousness and become one with the Eternal Buddha)