The article about our activities was published in the largest newspaper in Cambodia,RASMEI KAMPUCHEA

A ceremony of the Cambodian first Mahayana Buddhism is done a prefect of by a Japanese priest!  2006,10,26


The photograph left : Ven. Daiho Saito and Ven. Dim Chettha comment on ascetic practices of “OSEGAKI”
The photograph right : Ven. Chettha stands and marches before Ven. Daiho.


A ceremony (“OESHIKI” and “OSEGAKI”) of the first Mahayana Buddhism was done a prefect in Cambodia by Japanese Ven. Daiho Saito. This event was held by cooperation of two NGOs. The contents are the 725th anniversary of death of Nichiren saint “OESHIKI” and “OSEGAKI”〔a memorial service of a soul of the people that it was particularly massacred people of the Cambodian country which it was rolled up by American war vs. Vietnam, and died under the Pol Pot government〕.
Japanese CS (Catuddisa Sangha ) representative representation Ven. Daiho Saito carried “the cherry tree flower” which they made with paper with Cambodian CS and a member of AIM(Appropriate Technology International Movement) from 6:00 p.m. on October 25 on his/her shoulder and paraded. This Cambodian first ceremony was held at #99 St.141,Sangkat Vealvong, 7Makara Phnom Penh. .
Ven. Saito who came over from Japan to spread Buddhism told it for Rasmei Kampuchea newspaper in this way, “Nichiren saint is known as the greatest priest in Japan. As for the saint, he was closed a life of 61 years old at about 8:00 a.m. on October 13, 1282, but two great events just happened in the occasion. It is for the earth to have vibrated as for the one, and one is already that cherry blossoms of out of season bloomed. Ven. Daiho told it in this way successively. When “Buddha was done extinction of, the earth vibrates, and it is assumed that Rankphenom turned into white because of too much sorrow”. A cherry tree was the thing which bloomed in March or April, but had a mysterious thing like extinction of a saint generally. Cherry blossoms are Japanese hearts. Subsequently the beauty is considered to be the second in Mt. Fuji. As for the phenomenon that the cherry tree which is not time flowers, it is thought that we cannot usually have it except death of the saint who seems to be Nichiren saint. The Nichiren saint did a superior thing for a Japanese country. In then Japan, a flood, (an epidemic), an earthquake, war, famine were caused (in succession). It is going to have been found a method a saint stopped those various kinds of misfortunes, and to relieve Japanese people by the sacred book of Buddha. And he made “Rissho Ankoku Ron” (He submitted it to the government.)”.
Mr.Sing Kea whom it was known by that it was representative (Cambodia)AIM as a scholar of Mahayana Buddhism created this ceremony with a (Cambodia)CS representative Ven. Dim Chettha .
Mr. Kea says, “At first it must be it in a heart satisfied with the cleanliness if we intend to know Buddhism more distinctly. The reason why our religion hardly spreads out in this world is that we deeply attach to a thing personal pride. Buddhist master Buddha says objection really. As for Buddha, it is hoped that it spreads out to every people of every country of this world.
Mr. Kea added it and said, “The figure of Dharma and the profound meaning still keep in original same as Buddha lifetime. The mind and intelligence of we human being turning constant each time twist law.  In the Cambodian Angkore times, Mahayana Buddhism was believed. King the seventh Cheyvaraman who is the best Buddhist is considered to be an incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy in that.”
Mr. Kea said successively. As for “the Mahayana Buddhism, it is still trained now in Japan”. However, Khmer in itself converts to Teravada Mohanikay Buddhism, and approximately 100% Cambodians obey Siam Buddhism.
The representative Ven.Dim Chettha of Cambodia CS told us, “This ceremony is dedicated to St. Nichiren for his 725th anniversary of his extinction, that is called “OESHIKI” and “OSEGAKI”〔a memorial service of a soul of the people that it was particularly massacred people of the Cambodian country which it was rolled up by American war vs. Vietnam, and died under the Pol Pot government〕 ”

Notes : 1) Translation assistance (Khmer → English) by Mr. Chaul-Tee
   2) Parentheses ( )are the contents of the interview, but I added them because they were missing in the newspaper.   The information in parentheses 〔 〕 is what I talked about in the interview, but it was not included in the newspaper.
   3) Blue letters
At that time, the representative of Catuddisa Sangha was Shonin Katsuyuki Imoto, the Vice Priest of Hoon-ji Temple in Fukuoka Prefecture. At that time, I was not the representative of  Catuddisa Sangha in Japan, but just a monk who was dispatched to faciliason, that is what the article said in the newspaper. I think it was a misunderstanding on the part of the newspaper reporter.                             As for the untimely blooming of cherry blossoms, I explained that some cherry blossoms bloom around October, but this was not reported in the newspaper.
Fuji is not something I talked about, but it is probably the newspaper reporter’s image of Japan.
I didn’t mean to mention the flood either.                                  I did mention the epidemic, but it must have been misrepresented in the newspaper for some reason because it was left out.
 As I was covering the event on the day of the event, I could not say that I was adequately prepared, and I apologize for any inappropriate or insufficient comments I may have made.